Chandlers triumphs to win Master Merchant Trophy once again

July 18, 2018

Our “Merchants of Menace” team beat off the tough competition for the second year running, lifting the trophy to be crowned Master Merchants 2018. Competing against 13 teams over 2 days they became winners of the industry’s annual team building challenge. Team members were Pierre Krause, Kayleigh Sinclair, Trevor Mudd and Sean Sinclair.

The weekend-long competition involved a range of challenges that test the teams’ communication and problem-solving abilities as much as their physical perseverance. It is

a fun event with a serious purpose, as the competition is designed to help colleagues learn more about each other’s strengths and skills and what can be accomplished through teamwork.

As usual, many of this year’s tasks involved getting wet. If contestants were not climbing sheer rock faces, canoeing on the lake, or scrambling over rocks and through streams, they were trying to uncover clues, light fires, crack codes and guide team mates in the sunny (for once!) setting of the Lake District.

Congratulating the winners and all those taking part, Builders Merchants Federation CEO John Newcomb said: “This is a fantastic teambuilding event and I’m delighted that so many teams from merchant and supplier members take part every year. It’s a great way for people to get to know each other better and work together as a team.

Having battled through 10 hours of traffic from Sussex to even reach the event the Chandlers competitors had to use all their team working skills to clinch a victory.