How to save time & money on insulation

October 20, 2018

It is not often we come across a product that is truly innovative & seems to deliver the benefits of saving both time and money. It is no surprise that Actis’ innovative honeycomb style insulation Hybris has been named a finalist in the annual Structural Timber Association awards. It is in the running to win the Product Innovation Award. The Actis Hybrid range is becoming increasingly popular for its speed, cleanliness and ease of use. If it is faster to install, then the job can progress more quickly, and less time ultimately means money saved.

Feedback from customers has been fantastic as in this example from Berkshire based timber framer Vision Development. Its marketing manager Lucy Karpinski explained the benefits of the products over its previous solid insulation system.

“The ease of installation is attractive to us, as the main USP for timber frame is the speed of construction. There is also minimal waste, which again works well with our timber frame ethic of being environmentally friendly and the insulation being non-toxic. It is much quicker to use than PIR board and takes around half the labour time to install.”

In addition to being quick, clean and easy to use, the flexible nature of the Hybrid products ensures air tightness and eliminates thermal bridging. They can be easily bent round corners and squashed into strangely shaped gaps, creating a continuous thermal blanket – something difficult to achieve with solid insulation, which has to be cut precisely to size to avoid draught-attracting air gaps.


Hybrid products are LABC and NHBC certified. The Hybrid system can achieve the highest U-value requirements with a minimal thickness. All Hybrid products can be used in walls and roofs, separately or together, to provide a high performance, total insulation system. They are certified to harmonised standards by accredited bodies, are CE marked and have LABC and NHBC acceptance when used in accordance with the certification.
Each Hybrid product combines both insulation and airtightness properties:

•  HControl Hybrid, a thin multifoil insulation product with a built-in vapour control function and an unrivalled thermal performance.

•  Hybris, an innovative reflective insulation product providing an excellent thermal performance.

•  Boost’R Hybrid, a thin multifoil insulation product with a built-in breather membrane function and an exceptional thermal performance.

Regardless of your needs, be it a loft or pitched roof or a wall the Hybrid system can be used so call into your local Chandlers branch to find out more or see our current deal on this and other insulation products.