Our Survey Reveals Roofers Feel They Are ‘Least Appreciated Trade’

January 18, 2019

We always want to hear how life is for our customers and what challenges they are facing. We decided to focus on roofers this time round so at the end of last year, we put out a survey to get an idea of what it’s like being a roofer today.

The results of our survey threw up some really interesting points including how most roofers feel they are underappreciated compared to other trades but yet, most roofers enjoy their job.

Roofers – the Least Appreciated Tradespeople?

According to our survey, an astounding 95% of roofers feel they are the least appreciated amongst all tradespeople. A third of respondents felt that electricians were the most appreciated trade, followed by carpenters in second place and then plumbers in third. Brickies and roofers were felt to be the least appreciated trades, despite the fact that almost half (46%) of roofers report working a seven-day week at least once a month, with 20% working a seven-day week ‘more often than not.’

Rogue Roofers are the Biggest Issue

Our survey also revealed that ‘weeding out’ rogue roofers is the most pressing issue for those working in the roofing trade, with almost three quarters, 73%, saying they had been called upon to rectify shoddy roofing work by a rogue roofer on at least one occasion in the last 12 months.

Despite the feelings of being ambushed by rogue roofers and generally underappreciated by customers, half of all roofers surveyed said they ‘always enjoy’ their job, with only 2 percent saying they don’t enjoy being a roofer.

Sue McKinney, our Marketing Manager, commented: “It’s not surprising that customers are somewhat unappreciative when subjected to the services of rogue roofers. Nevertheless, it needs to be highlighted that the vast majority of roofers work exceptionally hard and to a very high standard completing excellent projects for customers.”

Becoming a Roofer

Asked how they became roofers, 35% of respondents said they fell into the trade, while a quarter said that the roofing trade has been in the family. Only 1 in 10 had been down the roofing apprenticeship route.

Occupational Risks

Working at a height is reported as the biggest occupational risk according to 53% of roofers followed by 37% saying that inclement weather is a high risk.  However, the development of new materials and tools was identified by half of respondents as the key factor that has made the roofer’s job easier and safer. A further quarter of respondents say that training in health and safety has benefited the trade.

Share Your Appreciation for Roofers

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