Your bathroom suite can create space in a small room

Not everyone is blessed with having a spacious room for a large bathroom suite, but just because you are short on space, does not mean that your bathroom can't have a light and airy feel.

With a bit of clever planning, utilising natural light and having a colour change, a small bathroom suite doesn't mean your room can't become a relaxing sanctuary.

Keep colours lights

Using one light colour throughout the room will help to make it look larger, as the space will not be broken up by different hues. Light colours will also reflect the natural light more that dark tones, again helping to give the illusion of space. If the thought of one light colour frightens you, then you can make sure your bathroom suite stands out by adding horizontal stripes in a complementing colour on the wall, as this will stretch the room.

Smaller is better

Bathroom suites come in many shapes and sizes. It may sound obvious, but it's best to choose smaller furniture to create space. That could mean a sink without vanity unit below, or a corner toilet.

Make use of your walls

The key to making a small bathroom work is to make sure that you use the space creatively. Think about the amount of wall space, which isn't used, that can be used for bathroom cabinets and shelves, and maybe use a bathroom that has clever storage built in underneath.

Does your bathroom really need a bath?

One big change that can free up a large amount of space is having a bathroom suite that doesn't include a bath! Try replacing it with a glassed shower unit to help give the illusion of light.

Use mirrors wisely

It is widely known that mirrors can help to make rooms look bigger, but that does depend on their location. The best place to put a mirror in a bathroom is opposite the window, as it will use the natural light and reflect it all around the room.

Keep the floor clear

When you walk into a room, your eye is naturally drawn downwards, so keep the floor around your bathroom suite clutter free to trick your eye into seeing something bigger. That means scales and laundry baskets should be kept elsewhere if possible.

Change your door

Finally, if your bathroom has a door that swings into the room, it makes your bathroom feel cramped as soon as you walk in. There are a couple of options to remedy this. You can change it around so that it swings outwards, but depending on the layout of your home, may mean that your bathroom door will need to be closed all the time. Alternatively, you can install a sliding door, which disappears into a pocket in the wall.

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