Chandlers are Master Merchants 2017

Last weekend Builders Merchants teams from all over the UK headed off to the Lake District to compete in the BMF Master Merchant challenge. The challenges were designed to test physical and mental agility as well as the capacity for teamwork. The two day event included challenges such as ghyll scrambling, rock climbing and orienteering with the added task of downing a few beers in the evening. 

The Chandlers team consisted of Timber Trading Director Trevor Mudd,  Banstead Branch Driver Sean Sinclair, Product Assistant Kayleigh Sinclair & Product Manager Pierre Krause,

The Saturday morning started off with ghyll scrambling, where any form of mild headache from the previous evenings socialising was quickly extinguished by being submerged in freezing cold water and being stood under a waterfall! Sounds like real fun.

This was quickly followed by rock climbing, although apparently the climb up the hill to the top was almost more demanding than the rock climb itself! Everyone put in a valiant team effort and they scored maximum points for teamwork and communication. Keeping the team amused was Pierre who decided it was a good idea to hide in the bracken and jump out at Trevor but only managed to slip and fall over into sheep poo! (Sadly no photo of that)

After lunch there were a couple of hours of mental activities including Trevor trying to sheep herd the other three into a pen while they were blindfolded using nothing but a duck whistle. This was followed by canoeing where the team were confident of their chances until Trevor and Sean angered the other teams in the boats who responded by sabotaging the Chandlers team at the start line!! This meant that on Saturday night the team were in 6th place leaving  it all to play for on Sunday!

After a 'quiet' Saturday evening they were greeted by two (mildly excruciating) hours of orienteering. Apparently Pierre and Trevor came into their own for this with Trevor's quick thinking and Pierre's quick running putting Chandlers miles ahead of everyone else by finishing with time to spare.

Other tasks involved were forming human letters, creating a perfect square blindfolded (full points) and tying a fisherman's knot in a rope without letting go of the rope. Who knew the team had such talents!

Exhausted but triumphant the team returned home and are looking forward to the official presentation later in the year once their names have been engraved on the trophy.

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