Get sustainable products from your builders merchant

A visit to a local builders merchant is not what it used to be. Once the total domain of those in the trade, times have changed and you will now find the casual DIYer and consumer purchasing items to update their home.

One area where a number of builders merchants are a step ahead of high street DIY stores is offering products that come under the sustainable banner. Here we take a look at some of the sustainable products that you will be able to find at your builders merchants that can be retrofitted to your home.

Sustainable products are perfect for helping you save on your utility bills and become more energy conscious.


Rainwater harvesting

In a nutshell, rainwater harvesting systems collect rainwater that can be reused, but the type of system installed will determine what the rainwater can be used for.

From simple water butts that collect rainwater to use in your garden, to systems that can be buried underground or installed in your loft to collect rainwater to feed your washing machine and flush your toilet, a builders merchants will have a number of different options for you to look at.


Biomass boilers

Biomass boilers are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners due to the increase in oil and gas prices. In simple terms, biomass boilers use environmentally friendly ways to harvest fuel to heat a home. Most commonly wooden pellets, which are small pieces of waste wood, are used as an alternative to fossil fuels.

These type of boilers are a safe and environmentally friendly way to heat your home, but you may need a bit more room for a biomass boiler than a traditional boiler, so speak to experts at your local builders merchants who can help with more information.

Solar panels

Solar panels were one of the first products that homeowners could use to harvest natural energy and are now widely available from builders merchants. They work by storing energy from daylight that can in turn be used to run appliances and light your home.

Not only can solar panels help to save on your energy bills, but there is also the possibility of selling back any energy that you don't use to the National Grid. A typical saving for a family of four can be anything between £500 and £800 a year.

Water efficiency solutions from a builders merchants

With many builders merchants now having their own dedicated bathroom showrooms, they are great places to go to see the latest water efficiency technology. From flow regulators and dual flush devices, to bathroom ranges that comply with water efficient building regulations and shower heads that reduce water consumption, there are a number of products that will make your bathroom an efficient space, without compromising on the style.

Chandlers is a builders merchants that sells a wide range of the sustainable products mentioned above. Our Lewes branch is home to our recently opened Sustainable Building Solutions showroom to cater for the demand. We have in house experts who will be able to help you add an eco-friendly touch to your home. You can find more information here.

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