UK's Builders revealed as multi-talented counselors and child minders!

The results from our recent survey revealed that the nation's builders are  providing advice on everything from parenting to finance; 95% of builders have been asked for advice or help, during the course of a homeowners building project, that is completely unrelated to their trade.

The survey showed that a whopping 25 percent of builders have helped a homeowner through a personal crisis, while 1 in 4 builders say they are regularly asked for financial advice by their customers;  80 percent have advised on home furnishing choices and almost one fifth have even been asked to assist with completing school homework and childcare!

This level of variety might explain why more than 80% of respondents said they 'loved their job' and close to 90% of builders would still choose to go into the building trade if they had their time over again.

The survey also found that over half (55%) of builders said they have another job as well as being a builder, with nearly a quarter working as fireman or sports coach/trainer. For more than half of builders (54%), stress levels peak around 'chasing payments and getting paid' with 'the weather' (47%), 'ordering / waiting for materials' (45%), 'vat and tax returns' (44%) and 'managing apprentices' (42%) taking a close second, third, fourth and fifth place. When asked what the most enjoyable aspect of their job was, 86% said 'pride from a great job' while 81% said 'on site banter'.

The Future looks Bright

Their over-riding view on the future of the construction trade was of general optimism (60%) with over a quarter describing their earnings as 'doing well or it's boom time' and only 6% saying 'it's a bit of a struggle'. The survey was carried out online with 750 respondents, 66% of respondents are aged between 25 – 50.  

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