Building material product showcase: facing bricks

In this article we take a look at facing bricks and answer some of the more common questions about this building material.

What are facing bricks?

As the name suggests, facing bricks are designed to be a visible building material and used on the exterior walls of a home or building.  They are produced by most brick manufacturing companies and are made to be aesthetically pleasing and appealing to look at.

What's the difference between facing bricks and building bricks?

Whilst some facing bricks can be used for structural brickwork, the main difference is that they have a lower tensile strength than engineered bricks and, like with any building material, we would recommend you check the bricks you are buying are suitable for the job prior to purchase.  As they are made to be interesting to look at, you'll often find the material used to manufacture them can also be different to standard bricks.

If they're not as strong as engineered bricks, are facing bricks a building material that is durable enough for use on a housing development?

In simple terms yes. Although the tensile strength is lower, as facing bricks have to deal with all weather conditions, they are extremely durable.  Leading manufacturers do stringent testing to ensure their facing bricks are frost and fire resistant and can stand up to high levels of saturation.

What colours and materials do they come in?

Facing bricks are generally manufactured in a classic red colour, but you will also find them in cream and yellow tones, as well as white and grey.  Facing bricks are an extremely versatile building material and can be handmade, so there is also the opportunity to create something completely unique -  although, depending on the size of the project, this is can be an expensive option.

What are the benefits of using facing bricks?

As well as giving curb appeal to a development, facing bricks can act as a form of protective cladding helping to ensure the long term future of a building and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.  When used in cavity wall construction, this building material can also have the added benefit of being an efficient block against noise pollution.  Additionally, due to the wide range of colours and textures available, it is quite easy to find a facing brick that will blend with the surroundings of a building.

Facing bricks available from Chandlers Building Supplies

At Chandlers we have a wide range of building materials in stock, including a number of facing bricks in a choice of different textures and colours from leading manufacturers such as Ibstock Brick, Hanson Brick, Wienerberger and Freshfield Lane Bricks. 

For more information, you can contact one of our branches here or visit our dedicated brick selector website here.

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