Building materials to get a home winter ready

Although the warmer weather may be sticking around for another couple of weeks, it's time to look at your home and stock up on the building materials needed to protect your home for the onset of winter weather. 

In this article, we give you advice about what to looking out for and what building materials are needed to put things right. 
Stopping draughts

A lot of heat can be lost through windows, but replacing them all can be a costly job.  However, there are few checks that can be done to ensure your windows are draught and weather-proof.  It can be a simple job to stop draughts as the only building material that may be needed is sealant to run around the edges of the windows.  Alternatively, window insulator kits are popular and simple to install. 

How's your insulation?

Insulation is one building material that is vitally important, as the better the insulation the more you can save on your heating bills.  With heat rising, check that your loft space is adequately insulated.  Don't forget your piping either, as pipes can burst when there is a dramatic drop in temperature, and thanks to the Great British weather, you never know what is around the corner!

At our branches we stock a vast array of insulation building materials for your roof and your pipes, including Isover glass fibre insulation, Ecotherm PIR insulation and polystyrene and multi-foil insulation. 

 Check your heating systems

Boilers, radiators and chimneys all need to be maintained to make sure you home is heated to its optimum during the winter months.  It's best to check your heating system a few weeks before you know you will need it so if there are any repairs needed, they can be done before the temperature drops. 
Turn all radiators on full and check they are still working.  If the radiators differ in temperature at the top and the bottom, they simply need 'bleeding' which means removing excess air.  

If a radiator isn't working, or there are problems with the radiator, we would recommend calling in a plumber to carry out any repairs. 
For open fires and wood-burning stoves, it's a time to ensure there are no blockages in the flue, and it's a good idea to check that there is no damage or gaps between your chimney and roof.  In our branches you'll find building materials to carry out any essential repairs. 

Clear gutters

Gutters that are blocked with leaves and debris mean they are less efficient at channelling rainwater away from your home, so make sure they are cleared and maintained. Replacement guttering and other such building materials can be picked up from your local builders merchant and it is a job that can be done by a competent DIYer.

Building materials to get your home winter ready at Chandlers

With branches throughout the South East and the Midlands, Chandlers Building Supplies has an extensive range of top quality building materials to get your home winter ready. You can find your nearest branch here.  

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