Don't let the wrong building materials cause a DIY disaster

Doing DIY can be a lot of fun and an extremely cost effective solution. With bank holiday season around the corner the number of people taking on a DIY job is set to increase, so to ensure that you use the correct building materials for a DIY success, follow our top tips.

Top tip number 1 – be safe

Before you have even popped to your local builders merchant or DIY store to purchase your building materials, think about safety. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, over 200,000 people turn up at casualty each year due to DIY mishaps.

Therefore, things to think about are:

  • Am I wearing the right clothing?
  • Do I need safety equipment?
  • Is this a two-person job?
  • Do I know how to use the tools?

If you are in any doubt, stop right there and call the experts in.

Top tip number 2 – make sure you have the right building materials

Don't try and bodge your DIY job! Make sure that you have the right building materials to complete the task, whether that is putting up shelves, painting and decorating, laying a floor or making furniture.

Not only will this stop you having to make multiple trips to your DIY store, but it will also help you to complete your project more easily.

The old adage, 'you get what you pay for' does ring true when buying your supplies, so purchasing the best tools and building materials you can afford, instead of scrimping to cut costs, will make for a better end result. For example, buying cheaper paint may mean you need to buy double, costing more than if you had chosen the more expensive option in the first place.

If in doubt, speak to an expert at your local builders merchants for advice.

Top tip number 3 – take time to prepare

So you have all the right building materials and are ready to go, but as Benjamin Franklin once said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail".

Don't skip the preparation step to get to the fun part of the project, as this is where most of the disasters happen. This could be just simply covering areas that you don't want to get dirty or damaged, but taking time at the start will pay off in the long run – and could also speed up the process of the clean-up time at the end!

Top tip number 4 - call in the experts

I know we've mentioned it already, but we can't stress it enough. No matter whether you have the right building materials for the job, if you simply do not know what you are doing, the whole thing is not going to end well.

So, best to call in the experts!

If you are planning your own DIY project, no matter how big or small, Chandlers will have all the building materials that you need to ensure that the end result is what you wanted. Speak to experts at your local branch for advice.

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