Have the right building supplies for hanging a door

Seeing through a DIY job can be a very satisfying experience, especially if you are more of a novice than an expert. Hanging an internal door is one job that shouldn't be a problem if you are relatively competent at DIY and here we give our top tips to make sure you have the right building supplies to get a professional finish.

Start with having the correct building supplies

Before even starting the job make sure you have screws, screwdriver, chisel, mallet, cordless drill, a flatwood drill bit set and wedges to lift the door of the ground. These building supplies will be available from your local builders merchant.

Building supplies needed to fix the hinges

Building supplies you will need for this task include door hinges, chisel, screws and screwdriver. Firstly, check that your new hinges fit in the same space at the old ones. If they don't you will need to use a chisel to increase the space so that the hinges fit snugly. Then, using a single screw so that you can easily take the hinge off the door frame again, fix the door hinge to the frame.

Next, open the hinge and rest the door on the wedges to raise it off the ground. You may need a second person to hold the door steady – unfortunately this is one part of your building supplies kit that you won't be able to pick up at a builders merchant!! Mark on the door where the top and bottom of the hinges will fit, then remove the hinge from the door frame. Rest the hinge on the door and draw round it. Take you chisel and mallet from your building supplies kit and chisel out the area so that the hinge fits flush to the door. Finally, using one screw, so that you can easily make adjustments, fit the hinge to the door.

Hanging the door

Again, support the door on the wedges and ask someone to hold it steady, then screw the hinge back to the doorframe. Check that the door opens and closes correctly, and then use the rest of the screws from your building supplies kit to secure the door.

Building supplies needed to fit the door handle

Start with the latch. Hold it in the middle of the edge of the door and draw round it. Choose a flat wood cutting drill bit from your building supplies kit that is slightly larger than your latch. Then holding the latch next to the drill bit, mark on it where the latch finishes, then drill a hole to that mark.

You'll then need to mark on each side of the door where the handle spindle will go and drill holes. The latch and the spindle can then be connected in place. Next, simply place the handle on each side of the spindle and screw the back plates into place.

Finally, you will need your chisel and mallet from your building supplies kit to mark out where the latch plate will fix to the door. Again, draw around the plate, chisel out the area so that it fits flush and screw into place.

At Chandlers, we have all the building supplies that a DIYer will need to hang a door and also complete smaller and larger jobs. Our friendly teams at our branches are happy to help and give advice. See our contact us page for your nearest branch.

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