How to create a kitchen using only eco build materials

When more and more people started shopping for materials that come under the eco build banner, the market began to sit up and listen. Now there is a wide range of different options available that reduce carbon footprint and help to keep energy costs at a minimum.

But, is it possible to design and build a 'green' kitchen that is made entirely of eco build products?


Kitchen cabinets and worktops

There are many companies supplying real wood cupboards and worktops made from FSC (Forestry Standards Commission) wood, meaning the wood has come from responsibly harvested forests.

Also, as the popularity of 'upcycling' increases, a number of designers are also creating kitchens from salvaged wood.

For an eco build alternative, that could also have health benefits, there are companies that are now manufacturing stylish kitchen cabinets that are not produced using glue that contains formaldehyde, which can sometimes be used in traditional plywood cabinets.


Appliances and water efficiency

The newer energy and water efficient appliances perform just as well, and sometimes even better, than their energy-guzzling counterparts do.

From washing machines, fridges and even solar powered ovens, to smaller appliances such as kettles that only boil as much water as you need and taps that produce instant boiling water, if you can shop around you will be able to find products to substantially reduce your yearly energy bill ensuring your eco build kitchen works for you.

Rainwater harvesting is another option that can help cut domestic household bills. Chandlers has a range of products that conserve rainwater, which can then be used to feed your washing machine, adding another dimension to your eco build kitchen.

Eco build flooring

When it comes to flooring there are options that will suit every kitchen style.

To maintain a country look, hunt out reclaimed tiles, or opt for locally produced natural stone, which is possibly one of the most sustainable building products available.

An on trend flooring material of the moment is cork. Thought to have had its heyday in the 1970s, cork has recently been given an eco build, eco-chic makeover. As a renewable material, which is harvested from the forests of Spain and Portugal, cork surfacing and underlay is set to grow in popularity. Even the off cuts are recycled into insulation material, ensuring that nothing is wasted.

For those that want the practicality of vinyl, but without the syntheticness, try natural linoleum. Made from the natural and renewable resources of linseed oil and pine resin, it is one of the greenest flooring options available, and is perfect for kitchens that have a heavy footfall.

The finishing touches

When it comes to decorating your eco build kitchen, there are options out there, but you may need to shop around.

Although many household brands of paint are meeting the stringent VOC (volatile organic compound) measures, meaning vapours are kept to a minimum, to find a true eco friendly option, look for plant based, waterborne paints.

Although tiles are organically made from natural materials, there are a number of companies that are turning them into a super eco build product by making them out of recycled materials and substances that help to cut emissions.

Whilst you aren't able to walk into any builders merchant or DIY store and buy all these products to use in your eco build kitchen just yet, the market is expanding at a rapid rate.

Chandlers has a number of different sustainable and eco build products to help you reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. Our staff in all our branches will be happy to help you. Click here to find your local branch.

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