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With the leading exhibition for construction and energy, Ecobuild 2016, taking place from 8th-10th March at London's Excel, sustainable building and energy are at the forefront of our minds, now, more than ever. 

This month the focus of our article is on our eco-friendly and sustainable products, in particular, biomass boilers:

So what is 'biomass' and how can we utilise it as energy?

The term 'biomass' is used to describe biological material which is derived from living (or recently living organisms).  In terms of biomass as a source of energy, this is plant-based matter rather than animal material.

There are many ways to make use of biomass material in order to benefit from it as a renewable energy source in an eco-friendly way, in both domestic and commercial settings.

 The simplest way to harness the energy from biomass is by burning it via a stove, to provide heat for the room it stands in, or with a boiler, to heat water and either pump it through pipes for central heating or use it as domestic hot water.  

So burning biomass – in the form of pellets, chips or logs – can provide heating for rooms as well as hot water and where systems permit this can even be extended to provide heat to several buildings from the same boiler, which is known as a 'district heating' scheme.

 The benefits of eco-friendly biomass

There are many benefits to using biomass as a source of energy, namely:

•    It is a sustainable and low carbon option 
Assuming that those plants used for fuel are replaced then the process of burning biomass can be considered a sustainable one; burning biomass also emits lower levels of carbon than traditional fossil fuels. 

•    Affordable heating fuel
Biomass logs and pellets are often less expensive than other fuels. 

•    Incentivised fuel
Currently the UK wide Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is in place.  This scheme is designed to support homeowners and businesses who want to install a renewable heating technology with payback opportunity (terms and conditions apply).

What biomass products does Chandlers offer?

Here at Chandlers we offer several high quality renewable heating solutions from renowned brands:
•    Trianco is one of the most popular brands in the UK and offers an excellent selection of superb biomass pellet boilers for domestic and commercial use.   With the Greenflame eco-friendly biomass wood pellet boiler range, all models are MCS accredited and eligible for RHI government grants. 

•    Wood Energy Solutions (WES) is the largest and most established biomass boiler manufacturer in Britain and Ireland – they take great pride in the craftsmanship of their boilers.

Chandlers: for a comprehensive range of eco-friendly building supplies

Alongside the biomass boilers mentioned above, we also supply a comprehensive range of sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, from natural insulation, green flat roof kits and rainwater harvesting systems to Porotherm environmentally-friendly clay blocks, LED lighting and solar panels. 
As an established builders merchant with branches across the South East, we also offer trade and private customers an extensive assortment of building and hardware materials which includes: 
•    Construction, insulation and building supplies 
•    Internal finishing products
•    Kitchen design services (Chertsey branch)
•    Bathroom design services (Lewes branch)
•    Glass cut to size (Chertsey branch)
•    Pre-mixed paint and paint mixed to order (Chertsey & Lewes branches)
•    Electrical goods (selected branches)
•    Essential tools and hardware

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