10 Questions with a Chandlers Champion!

We think our staff do a great job and many of them are stars outside of work as well. But who knew we had a bowls Champion in our midst? We headed over to Essex to have a chat with Charlie Butcher who has spent the last year or so working in our Rainham roofing branch. We asked him a few questions about his role at Chandlers and how he came to be such a bowls star.

  1. How long have you been playing bowls? I've been playing bowls now competitively for 7 years now. The season doesn't start until April so I'm very eager to get out playing.
  2. How did you start playing? I started playing through family, my Nan and Grandads both played it as well as my Dad and 2 younger brothers. My Mum and Dad actually met through bowls as my Dad knew my Mum's Dad through playing against different clubs and one day my Mum met my Dad at bowls and the rest is history.
  3. How did you get to be on the England team? I got into the team through a trial and to get a trial you need to be nominated by your county (mine is Essex) and the reason I got a trial is by winning County & National competitions but it wasn't until the year 2016 that I won my first national at Royal Leamington Spa where the finals are held. This is also where the 2022 Commonwealth Games will be played. The national I won is called the White Rose Trophy which consists of 8 players across 2 rinks all players being U25 and the highest score and the end of 21 ends is the winner and we beat a very competitive Devon team which had many Internationals.
  4. How do you find time to practise as well as working for Chandlers? It's very hard to practise as the summer schedule can be very crowded with bowls matches so I do occasionally have to use some of my annual leave. There has been times where I have to fit bowls in around work, as last year I played for 15 consecutive days.
  5. Where have you travelled to play bowls? I've travelled to many parts of the UK to play bowls, the furthest being Dunoon in Scotland, next month I will be going to Hong Kong 8th – 11th March and then on to China from the 12th- 18th March to represent England in the Tiger Classic World Bowls Championships.
  6. What is the best thing about playing bowls? There are many good things about playing I enjoy meeting & playing against new people and every game is different in bowls.
  7. What is the best thing about working for Chandlers? For me the best thing is that every day is different, I like working with staff, talking and interacting with customers.

8.Is it a myth that bowls is an old person's game? Many might think it is an old people's game but you will be surprised at how many young people play the game.

9.How much does you your own set of bowls cost?  My current set of bowls cost me £330.

10.If you had a bowls nickname what would it be? I've been called many names in my bowls career some people call me by my name, Charlie, Chaz or Butch but the main one is Harry (potter) as I have to scars on my head so that's where the name Harry Potter comes from!

Charlie will soon be off to Hong Kong to represent England but would love to organise a day where staff or customers could come to his club and have a go – so get in touch with us if you are interested commercial@chandlersbs.co.uk

 It sounds like we have a rising star in our midst. If we have any suppliers out there looking to sponsor a budding champion, Charilie would love to talk to you. Good Luck Charlie!


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