Tips to get the perfect layout for your fitted kitchen

Planning the layout of your new fitted kitchen may well be the source of some hand-wringing as well as headaches, but its function has to come top of any wish list. Although today's kitchens can have diverse uses from entertaining space to a homework supervisory area, ultimately it's a food preparation zone. Your fitted kitchen needs to be an efficient and practical working space that eases the daily round of meal preparation, serving and clearing away.

Much will of course depend on your kitchen's size, as well as its shape, but in terms of functionality keeping to the 'triangle' model will ensure that practical areas are close together, minimising the time and effort spent in moving between them.

What's the triangle model?

Kitchen planners all agree that a layout where the sink, fridge and cooker form a triangular shape enhances functionality and reduces the time spent moving between these key food preparation areas.

Kitchen work zones

When planning your new kitchen, it can help to think of your available space in terms of zones, to make your fitted kitchen user-friendly and effective. Your cooking zone will ideally contain your hob and oven, close to worktops and the sink.

Your washing zone means that your sink should be near the fridge to make food preparation easier and ideally near to the hob to drain cooked vegetables and pasta. This also avoids crossing the kitchen with pans of boiling water. Try to keep the dishwasher near the sink too.

The storage zone in your fitted kitchen should have worktops near the fridge and food storage cupboards to make unpacking of shopping easier and faster.

Storage space is another key aspect in planning your fitted kitchen. Kitchen gadgets can take up a lot of space and if they're awkwardly shaped can waste valuable space too. Consider space that may not otherwise be used, above the fridge for example. This can be perfect to store oddly shaped or infrequently used items.

Power sockets

Many people underestimate the number of power points that they will need at the work surfaces in their fitted kitchens. A quick tally of the usual suspects including kettle, toaster and microwave, before even considering food mixers, juicers, slow cookers and steamers will show that too many power sockets is always better than too few. Count up your small appliances and you may be surprised at just how many may be in use at one time.


Essential to the safe functioning of your new fitted kitchen is adequate lighting. Take a close look at your intended work areas and consider the level of lighting that each will need. The main work areas should have strong directional lighting, while the ceiling lights can enhance the features of the room and provide general lighting. Lights installed under your fitted kitchen wall cabinets will provide extra worktop lighting for routine kitchen tasks.

At Chandlers Building Supplies we understand how daunting the task of planning the layout of your new fitted kitchen can be. At our Chertsey branch we offer a bespoke fitted kitchen design service to remove all the worry, allowing you to focus on choosing the design and fittings to make your dream kitchen come to life.

We also work with a number of fitted kitchen suppliers, across a range of designs. Here are some examples.

Our expert team will be delighted to advise you and the Chertsey branch can be contacted on 01932 560812.
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