Flat roofing is back, and this time it's green!

Whether it's pitched or flat roofing that you need, Chandlers Building Supplies is a merchant that can be relied upon to supply a huge variety of materials for all manner of roofing projects and buildings.

With a long history of successfully supplying roofing materials – including tiles, shingles, chimney pots, breathable membranes, solar panels, skylight windows, trusses, joists and battens – we have added to our sustainable construction solutions by branching into eco-friendly green flat roofing – read on to find out more:

When flat roofing and sustainability combine

With environmental issues at the forefront of our minds, architects are designing new ecologically-conscious buildings with an emphasis on enhanced sustainability and homeowners are also recognising the benefits associated with green roofs, namely:

  • That they are eco-friendly;
  • They provide energy savings which means that they are economical;
  • They are aesthetically pleasing;

As well as being environmentally friendly and sustainable, green flat roofing assists with storm water run-off which helps to reduce flood risk as well as solar heat gain through the roof.  Another benefit is that this roofing boosts biodiversity by introducing additional wildlife habitats to urban areas whilst also improving air quality by filtering out particulate pollution.

Green roofs fall into two categories:

  • Extensive

Extensive systems are intended as decorative, ecological features and are not usually utilised as recreational spaces due to limited access for maintenance only.  For this reason they normally have a shallower substrate and therefore the plant choices might be slightly restricted to hardy sedums, grasses, wildflowers and mosses.

  • Intensive

Intensive green roof systems are designed to be used as recreational spaces and often involve features which are also part of a traditional garden set-up, for example, paving, water features, shrubs and trees. These multi-layered systems require regular maintenance and irrigation but the choice of planting is far broader compared to extensive solutions.

Green flat roofing solutions at Chandlers

We offer the following quality green roofing products:

  • GrufeKit – Modular Green Roof Systems

GrufeKit's InstaGrufe green flat roofing kit is the ideal way to install a cost-effective lightweight green roof without the expense of employing specialist trades and complicated layers of build-up.  Made from sedum – a low growing evergreen plant – GrufeKit requires very little maintenance and no irrigation or mowing, which is obviously a significant consideration for a roof covering!

Simply lay the fully established sedum module onto any waterproofed surface – single ply, GRP fibreglass, EPDM rubber, felt or concrete are all suitable – for satisfying, beautiful long-term green flat roofing.

  • Icopal - Green Roof

Architects and property owners alike are opting for green roofs and the many advantages associated with them. 

Icopal is a global leader in roof waterproofing systems and offers a comprehensive range of green roof products which offer performance, reliability and value for money. Icopal's range includes sedum and wildflower options as well as bespoke intensive systems.

Chandlers Building Supplies: for flat roofing supplies and so much more

In addition to our range of sustainable green flat roofing materials, we also offer an extensive range of building and construction products, including:

  • Construction and insulation
  • Internal finishing products
  • Groundworks and landscaping supplies
  • Kitchen design services (Chertsey branch)
  • Bathroom design services (Lewes branch)
  • Glass cut to size (Chertsey branch)
  • Paint mixed to order (Chertsey & Lewes branches)
  • Electrical goods (selected branches)
  • Tools and hardware
  • Porotherm's environmentally-friendly clay block system
  • Sustainable building solutions – water, energy, green flat roofing and fabric

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to offer the benefit of their experience and expertise in order to help you choose the right products for your project – please click here to find your nearest Chandlers branch.

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