Top landscaping tips for maintaining a perfect lawn

So, your landscaping project is complete and you have a lush green lawn that is level and looking great. But, with the summer weather creeping around the corner, meaning you will be using your garden a lot more, how do you keep your lawn looking its best?

By incorporating some of our top tips into your landscaping routine, your lawn will look fresh and ready to be enjoyed all summer long.

1. A lot of mowing

The key to keeping your lawn looking lush, green and soft underfoot is regular mowing, as this will keep out the weeds and force your lawn to grow thicker. If you mow your lawn when it is wet then the roots will not be able to breathe, so choose a sunny day for your landscaping duties. There are a lot of different mowers on the market, but if you want that neat lawn striped look, go for a mower with a roller on the back.

2. Leave a mess

Although you may want to tidy up after mowing, don't. If you're cutting your lawn often, the short grass cuttings will work their way back into the soil and act as a natural fertiliser.

3. Have a little bit of length

The shorter the grass the faster it will grow. So that your landscaping routine doesn't take up your whole summer, don't have your mower blades set on the lowest setting. Having a very short lawn will also mean that you need to water it more often.

4. Water less frequently

Water is obviously good for your lawn, but don't overdo it. Best practice is to water it for longer, but only when your lawn really needs it. Wet the soil to a three or four inch depth, which will create enough moisture so that it doesn't need another water for a few days. As temperatures will drop overnight, avoid doing your landscaping routine before going to bed, as the moisture won't be able to escape.

5. Add 'weed watch' to your landscaping duties

The last thing you want is for your lovely lawn to be overrun by weeds. Incorporate a regular 'weed watch' into your landscaping routine, pulling them out as soon as you see them.

6. Go easy on the fertiliser and weed killer

Maintaining a healthy lawn doesn't mean you need to fertilise it a great deal, we would recommend just once a year, once the summer is over. Over fertilising will make you lawn grown faster, but will also make it more susceptible to disease.

7. Looking after new lawns

If you have recently finished your landscaping project and laid new turf, then leave it completely alone for the first week and try to avoid heavy use for the first summer. This will help your lawn to bed in so that it will last for many years. Also, weed killer is a definite no no for at least the first six months.

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