Future-proof your home with the help of your builders merchants

In the past, if your home no longer suited your requirements, or you required a bigger property, you simply moved house. However, the recent economic downturn has caused a shift in people's attitudes and there is now an increasing trend to future-proof your home by heading to your nearest builders merchants.
Future-proofing is a phrase which has been bandied around by the interiors industry for quite a while now with builders merchants seeing a marked increase in customer interest in DIY. Whilst renovating and updating your home will suffice for a few years, a better solution is to look ahead and make changes which will impact on your home for decades to come, and this is what future-proofing is really all about.

Here's a rundown of how your local builders merchants can help you with future-proofing your home.

Improving energy efficiency

It is tempting to avoid spending money on replacing older appliances with more energy efficient models, but as any builders merchants will advise you, you will save more in the long run. Looking to replace old toilets with better water saving models, swapping old water heaters with increased energy efficient ones and using more contemporary methods of insulation will not only benefit the environment but also your long term bank balance. Your local builders merchants can provide you with advice to help with your energy efficiency.


Creating an eco-friendly environment with help from your builders merchants

Making your home eco-friendly not only reduces your carbon footprint but can also have a healthy impact on your finances. Solar panels are one of the best eco-friendly steps you can take to future-proof your home and, with energy prices steadily on the increase, it means that you can always ensure that you generate your own power. Good builders merchants now stock a large range of eco-friendly paints, appliances and sustainable products.

Visit your builders merchants for a more adaptable living space

Our population is changing. People are living longer and more professionals are working from offices within their own homes. As a result there is a real trend for people to renovate or extend their home to accommodate changes in lifestyle, whether that's now or in the future. Homes that have adaptable living spaces will be far more attractive to potential buyers in the future, so when remodelling it is essential to think about how the extra space will be utilised immediately and over the next couple of decades. You can get expert advice and information from your local builders merchants.

Updating tired bathrooms and kitchens

The two rooms in your house which are most likely to appear outdated and in need of a little TLC are the kitchen and bathroom and future-proofing means upgrading these areas. When renovating these living spaces a trip to your nearest builders merchants will pay dividends for sourcing great kitchen worktops, cupboards and appliances and bathroom suites. The trick is to keep everything functional and beautiful, whilst obviously adhering to your own personal tastes and preferences.

Chandlers is a builders merchants that caters for all your future-proofing needs. From our vast range of eco-friendly and energy efficient products to our superb range of kitchen and bathroom furniture, we supply everything that is needed to equip your home in the present and for the future.

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