How to do a roofing health check

The roof of a home is perhaps the most important part of it.  It keeps the property dry and also plays a major role in stopping heat escaping, so it's important that it's in tip top health.  Before any harsh winter weather sets in, it's a good idea to perform a roofing health check to see whether any repairs need doing.

Clearing gutters

Gutters perform a vital job.  If gutters get blocked or damaged they can cause serious damage to a home as water can build up and end up leaking through eaves and running down internal walls.  

First, get the ladder out and check to see if there are any debris or leaves that would stop the rainwater flow. Once any debris is cleared, have a good visual check of all the guttering around the roofing to see if anything is obviously damaged or sagging. Damaged pieces of guttering will need to be replaced.  

If you are a confident DIYer you can replace the guttering yourself or, as it can be a bit tricky, it may be best to call in a tradesperson to fix the problem.

Damaged tiles

During the winter weather it's not uncommon for roofing tiles to become loose, cracked or broken.  Whilst it is quite easy to spot damaged roofing tiles, to replace them you will need to climb on to your roof, so for health and safety reasons we would advise calling in a professional to complete the job. 

It's extremely important that damaged tiles are replaced as soon as possible as they can easily slip of a roof and smash on the ground below. 

Dealing with moss

Whilst moss may not look very harmful, it's not the best thing to leave festering on your roof.  The sun and warmer weather during the summer can cause moss to spread causing moisture damage to roofing tiles, so it's best to get rid of it ASAP before it spreads. 
It's very easy to remove, you will just need a long ladder and a stiff broom to brush it all away.  

If when performing a roofing check you notice that you have a vast amount of moss covering your roof, call in the experts, as it may have caused damage to the tiles below which can become displaced as you brush the moss away. 

Flat roofing checks

Problems with flat roofing can be slightly easier to spot, but we would still recommend calling in an expert to carry out any repairs.  

The things to look out for on a flat roof is ponding, where puddles of water have gathered and not flowed away, and blistering, where the layers may have come away from each other.  

It's also good to check the internal ceiling to see if there are any water marks as this will highlight whether you have a potential leak. 

A roofing health check with Chandlers

At Chandlers we have a long history of being a successful supplier of roofing materials.

For pitched roofs we stock tiles from Marley Eternit, Redland, Sandtoft and Russell; for flat roofs we can offer traditional bitumen and torch-on felts from Iko and Icopal. We also stock a wide range of breather membranes as well as John Brash tile batten and cedar shingles, so we can help with all the materials needed for a roofing health check. 

The Chandlers team at your local branch will be happy to help you find the right roofing supplies, you can find contact details here

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