How to make a fitted kitchen the heart of a home

The way we use rooms in our homes has changed dramatically over the years and it is perhaps in the kitchen where thing have altered the most.  No longer does it purely need to be a practical space, but we now want a fitted kitchen to be the heart of a home where we can entertain, get creative and have dedicated family time.

In this article we give our top three tips to ensure that a kitchen is a not only a place for a social gathering, but is a room where the family can get together to talk about their day. 

1.Zone the areas

The key to making a fitted kitchen the heart of a home is to zone areas that can be used by all members of the family at the same time.  A seating area is a must, as this enables you to chat to dinner guests whilst cooking and also gives the kids a place to do their homework while mum and dad make dinner.

It can be difficult creating a dining area in a small kitchen, but think about leaving a corner for a small eating area, or maybe there is a blank wall where a pull down table for two can be installed so the family can all chat together. To take it a step further, if your kitchen and dining room are separated by a wall, think about knocking it down to create one space - it's less expensive that you might think.

For large open plan areas, you can't beat adding in a sofa to encourage every member of the family to be in the kitchen at the same time.

2.Clever layout

Getting the layout right is one of the most important aspects of installing a new fitted kitchen. As the cooker, fridge and sink are the most used parts of the space, the layout should be designed around these.  Best practice is to imagine drawing lines between each appliance so they create a triangle and thus make each appliance easily accessible.

If your kitchen is on the small side, there are some clever ways you can optimise the layout to free up work space.  Try using a corner sink or placing the oven in a corner, or look at appliances that are slightly smaller than the norm.  There is also the option of extended wall cabinets right up to the ceiling and including open shelving on a blank wall.

3.The added extras

Once you've chosen the right fitted kitchen it can be the added extras and finishing touches that really make it the heart of your home.  Maybe add a kitchen island, or even a section of sunken worktop, so children can have a space to help with cooking and baking.

Don't forget about the colour scheme and family items, such as photos and knickknacks, as these can really bring the whole area together and make it a comfortable and relaxing place for grown-ups.  It's probably best to choose a colour that the whole family likes so everyone enjoys being in the room.

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