How to lay a patio as part of your landscaping project

Landscaping your garden is a very exciting project to undertake. Not only will it transform the garden space, it also allows the creation of a relaxing backdrop to the home with a bespoke area that will meet diverse needs.

A secluded dining zone, children's play area, a sheltered spot to watch the sunset, even the location of the shed are among many garden landscaping considerations and a patio is frequently on the wish list of many a homeowner's project.



Why choose a patio as part of your landscaping project

A patio can meet many needs including an entertaining area, outdoor kitchen, or simply a place to kick back with a glass of wine after a long day. Installing a patio as part of your landscaping project needs careful planning but the rewards will more than repay the investment in both time and money.


Landscaping supplies of every kind: your builders' merchant can supply both materials and advice

At Chandlers Building Supplies we are delighted to advise our customers on any aspect of their home improvement projects; garden landscaping is a frequent topic. Patios, in particular, need careful planning, so here are some top tips to ensure that your patio is a decorative yet functional part of your landscaping project.

• Make a plan before you begin your patio and landscaping project. Note the position of the house and any fences, walls and trees. The top surface of the patio must be at least 150mm below the damp proof course of the house so that rain water doesn't soak into the house.

• Mark out the position of the patio with string and use pegs to ensure that the correct minimum depth for the hardcore, bedding mortar and slabs is maintained. A gradual slope is essential for water drainage.

• Once the patio area has been dug out with any turf and topsoil removed, a layer of hardcore should be laid to a depth of between 50-80mm. Use a rake or hire a specialist compactor to even it out, ensuring that it's completely level.

• Dry-laying the patio is recommended to check the level and position of the slabs - and also that you have enough!

• A layer of bedding mortar should be laid to completely cover the hardcore layer.

• Using taut string lines as guides, start to lay the patio slabs, checking frequently with the spirit level. Tap the slab into place with a rubber mallet. Leave the patio for at least 24 hours to allow the bedding mortar to harden before tackling the joints.

• Once the mortar has been trowelled into the joints (being careful not to leave any on the slabs' surface), leave to harden, then sweep your finished patio - and enjoy!


Chandlers Building Supplies for all your landscaping needs

Chandlers Building Supplies has been established for over 20 years and our customer base extends from construction companies to individual tradespersons, as well as homeowners undertaking their own DIY projects.

We have an extensive range of landscaping products, including hard and soft landscaping materials from reputable brands including Marshalls and Stonemarket.

Call into your nearest branch or take a look at the landscaping section of our website for the full range. Our staff will be delighted to assist you.

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