Versatile plywood - budget flooring at its best

Plywood is an inexpensive, highly versatile and durable building material that has a wide range of applications in building interiors and exteriors - and is even used in boat construction.

Why is plywood so strong

Plywood is made from multiple layers of wood veneers which have been bonded together at right angles with resin. Alternating the layers in this way means that plywood is less prone to splitting at the edges when nailed and provides stability across the whole plywood sheet.

This method of manufacture also gives plywood its strength and durability, making it far more resistant to warping than natural wood. It's also less prone to cracking or twisting, which means that it's a perfect material to use in many building applications and is ideal for floors.

Plywood consists of at least three layers (or 'plies') and is sold in standard sized sheets of different thicknesses. The most common thicknesses are between 5.5mm and 18mm, with plywood sheets also available for shuttering and general (structural) use.

Plywood for budget flooring

The cost of plywood makes it a budget conscious choice for homeowners and in addition the ease of installation can realise further cost-saving benefits too as it's a great product for DIY projects. Using plywood which has been cut into planks in a tongue-and-groove formation can create a fabulous hardwood-effect floor for a fraction of the cost of both materials and installation.

Plywood for versatility

A plywood floor doesn't just end with its installation. Plywood effortlessly lends itself to a whole range of decorative effects to fit your colour scheme or style. Once laid, the floor can be varnished to allow the natural wood grains to show through, or a coloured stain may be applied before the varnish to create a different hardwood effect.  A variety of stains from light to dark on plywood planks can create the effect of a luxurious - and expensive - hardwood floor.

Painted plywood floors

A whole range of effects can be achieved by painting a plywood floor, from high-gloss to shabby chic; whether you opt for multi-coloured, single colour or even a chequerboard style: the only limit is your creativity!

Plywood's adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a beautiful floor without a hefty price tag. At Chandlers Building Supplies we have a range of products and our team will be delighted to advise you on how to make your flooring project a reality.


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