Porotherm Clay Block System poised to be the future of construction

The Porotherm Clay Block System has remained a well-kept construction secret in Europe for over 30 years. Manufactured by Wienerberger and now widely available in this country, Porotherm is a complete system with outstanding environmental properties that is both cost-effective and time-efficient to install.

Porotherm offers a highly efficient substitute to other building materials, such as concrete blocks, timber or light steel frames, and can be used in load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. Porotherm has many construction uses including:

  • Internal plate of brick-faced cavity walls
  • Internal and external plates of rendered cavity walls
  • Infill panels within framed structures
  • Separating walls and partitions
  • Monolithic internal & external walls

Porotherm is ideal for use on many projects from single to multiple storeys and for both domestic and commercial building. The blocks are well designed and practical, but on monolithic skin walls or outer walls need to be rendered with an external finish to make them aesthetically pleasing. Plaster or plasterboard finishes are normally ideal for internal walls.

The clay block system is extremely quick to build, easy and safe to use, very strong, incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly. Here are some of the many benefits that Porotherm offers.


Porotherm's quick and easy system

The Porotherm system's speed and efficiency lies in the design of its unique interlocking precision-engineered modern clay blocks. Using Porotherm negates the need for mixing up and applying cement making it less messy and more time efficient.  The easy to assemble blocks are very quick to build and Porotherm is also extremely fast drying, meaning that there is no waiting around for one section to dry before getting on with the next one. Using Porotherm also produces a more consistent finish making your walls appear sleek and smooth.


Energy Efficient

Porotherm offers extreme thermal efficiency and climate control. The Porotherm building blocks help to maintain a consistent internal temperature protecting against the cold in winter and ensuring a comfortable room temperature in summer. Porotherm's low moisture retention and fast drying elements also help to optimise thermal protection. Using Porotherm will cut heating bills due to the fact that it stores solar energy for gradual release when needed, making it one of the most energy efficient materials available.

Porotherm's sustainable qualities

Porotherm products are environmentally friendly and ecologically sound and the manufacturing and assembly processes of Porotherm are kind to the environment. The blocks themselves are made from a mixture of natural clay and 30% of materials from alternative, recycled or secondary sources (MARSS) such as paper and sawdust, which burn out during the manufacturing process.

Porotherm is an extremely green product and has been awarded the Natureplus label which is supported by Greenpeace and the WWF. With a lifespan anticipated to be over 150 years, Porotherm offers a premium and highly sustainable complete building system.

Chandlers is proud to be the official distributor of Porotherm clay blocks in the South East of England. Their friendly and helpful staff are on hand to offer advice and assistance about using Porotherm as your preferred building system.

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