Building a Relationship with Porotherm

Chandlers are proud to be the official distributor of Porotherm clay blocks in the South East of England. We believe Porotherm is the future of construction: the Porotherm Clay Block System as manufactured by Wienerberger offers a complete system with outstanding environmental properties that is both cost-effective and time-efficient to install and offers a peaceful and comfortable living space for generations to come.

Don't just take our word for it, read about the experience of Paul Holland of Charles Holland Construction on using Porotherm bricks for the first time. His build was a small extension in Haywards Heath so we went down there and asked him to tell us about Porotherm.

How did you hear about Porotherm? I was shown it by Martin the Chandlers rep – to be honest most reps I wouldn't't have listened to but I have a long-standing relationship with Martin and knew if he recommended something it was worth trying.  

Can you tell me a little bit about the build you have used Porotherm on? It's a small domestic living room extension about 2.5m x 6m. I thought it was the ideal project to try something new on

What made you decide to use Porotherm? I listened to what Martin had to say and came on a training course arranged by Chandlers and couldn't't see why you wouldn't't use it. I am open to using modern materials and the whole process just sounded so much more efficient.

Did you have any preconceptions about the product? To look at they can be mistaken for blocks used on cheap builds overseas but they are nothing like that so you quickly change your mind about them.  

Did you need or get any special training to lay the product? Chandlers brought me in to do a training course and it doesn't't take long to realise the whole process is pretty quick and simple so it was a no brainer really to use them.




Is it quicker to lay than traditional blockwork? 

There is no comparison. This was only a small job but even here we saved at least a week so the job took 2 weeks instead of 3. We could work more efficiently and start the brick work whilst the Porotherm was still going up. We got the roof on quicker which makes a huge difference to a job if the weather is against you.

Were its environmental benefits important to you? For me not really this isn't't my main consideration. That said they have a much better U value so the client benefits from reduced energy bills which has got to be good. Plus unlike cement blocks when it comes to changing the building in the future these blocks can be broken down and reused as rubble so another win really.

Presumably time saving means cost saving too? When you look at it as a whole there is a cost saving. Yes the blocks are more expensive but you have no sand, cement or water and they are massively quicker to install so you are saving the client money and are able to complete more jobs.

What do you think are Porotherm's main advantages? Apart from the time saving as they have no moisture in them you are not going to get any shrinkage or cracking. They are so much easier to put up as they are lighter you are not getting any strain which is a major issue for a bricklayer.

Are there any disadvantages? The only difficulty is that not everyone is aware how good they are. We struggled with our building inspector and engineer who hadn't had the chance to find out about Porotherm Martin took our regular building inspector on a training course and now its no problem but we really need to spread the word.  

Will you be using again? I am a convert to Porotherm, concrete blocks should be a thing of the past this is the way forward.

Would you recommend it to others? I would definitely recommend them, the whole process is win win. 

Contact your local branch of Chandlers to find out more about using Porotherm.

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