The importance of using good quality timber supplies

The simple reason for choosing quality timber is because it will last longer and be less likely to split or warp. With so many grains, varieties and types of timber supplies available, builders and consumers alike can be spoilt for choice. At Chandlers, however, we are committed to supplying and selling only the highest quality timber.

Here, we explore the timber we stock and why it's so important to use high quality supplies. 

Why quality counts

Our timber supplies go through strenuous and rigorous checks to ensure they are free of knots and other weaknesses. Having a strong, dependable building block for a client's project is key as without that quality at the foundation stage, other parts of the scheme can fall down. Weak trusses, joists and beams will fail – often sooner rather than later – and as so much is placed on them, it can mean the collapse of an entire project.


Quality timber 
The stronger, denser and better quality the wood is, the easier it will be to work with as the preparation time will be reduced, saving tradesmen and women money in the long run.   
When sourcing timber supplies for a job, there are certain guides to look out for. 
Timber is graded to ensure it is strong enough for a particular job (higher numbers mean stronger timber); grades for softwood range from C14 to C50.  The timber we stock is tanalised – meaning it is impregnated with a preservative under rigidly controlled conditions – and graded as C16 as minimum, with the majority being C24 as standard.  This grading means our products are strong, have fewer knots and can be used for demanding jobs.
It's important that timber used for a job has the relevant certification.  Chandlers holds the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and Forestry Standards Commission (FSC) Chain of Custody certification, meaning all trades can be assured that the timber we supply, whether it's softwood carcassing, mouldings or prepared softwood, is responsibly sourced from sustainable forests.
Sheet materials
As well as providing timber supplies, we also stock a wide range of quality sheet materials including chipboard flooring, OSB, plywood and MDF.  Sheet materials are cheaper than timber, although do not share timber's density.  However, for certain projects where density is not an issue, sheet materials can be a good, economical alternative. 
Chipboard flooring – moisture resistant so ideal for laying under laminate and hardwood flooring.
  • OSB – water resistant, versatile and tough for use inside and out
  • Plywood – suitable for painting and for use both externally and internally.
  • MDF – an engineered wood product that is extremely economical for use on internal projects.
Build on our reputation
We know how important it is to get the foundations of any scheme right and by stocking only quality products we can ensure the trades can trust our supplies.
For more information about our timber supplies, which also includes, doors, flooring and mouldings, click here. Alternatively pop into one of our branches and talk to our knowledgeable staff. 
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