Rainwater harvesting options

Put simply, rainwater harvesting collects rainwater that can be reused for a number of different purposes around the home. Since it first became a buzz word a couple of decades ago, it has progressed quite considerably and there is now a number of different rainwater harvesting systems on the market.

Instead of just being able to collect rainwater in an outdoor water butt for use in the garden, nowadays systems filter the water so that it can be used to feed your washing machine and flush your toilet. This helps to reduce the amount of mains water used and thus reduces utility bills.

Here, Chandlers takes a look at some of the rainwater harvesting products available.

Below ground rainwater harvesting systems

Below ground rainwater harvesting systems are perhaps the 'daddy' of all the systems that are on the market. They can store thousands of litres of filtered rainwater that is then used for washing machines, flushing toilets and garden use.

Installing an underground tank does mean there will be some garden excavation needed, but the amount does depend on the size of the system that you choose. However, when the saving can be around 50% of your annual water utility bill, it can be worth doing to save a great deal of money in the long run.

Attic rainwater harvesting systems

If digging up your garden doesn't appeal, but you would still like a rainwater harvesting system that can feed your washing machine and toilet, then a system that is installed in your loft could be the answer. For example, Ifore's rainwater harvesting system, which is available from Chandlers Building Supplies, would be worth considering.

This system collects rainwater that falls down your roof through a collection point that is installed between your roof tiles and is then filtered into a tank that is installed in your loft.

Simple water butts for garden use

Rainwater harvesting first came to many people's attention through small butts that connect to drainage pipes to collect water for garden use, and these are still readily available and a great low cost solution to start harvesting rain. In fact, your garden will prefer to be watered using rainwater than mains water, as it does not contain the chemicals needed to make water drinkable.

Greywater harvesting

Greywater is a relatively new term, but like rainwater harvesting it is another way to reuse water and save on utility bills. Instead of collecting rainwater, greywater harvesting uses wastewater, or water that has already been used from showers, wash basins, baths, washing machines, etc. It is then recycled and can be used for toilet flushing and landscaping. Like rainwater harvesting, there are systems that can be installed underground which then filter the greywater to make it reusable.

As part of Chandlers Sustainable Solutions we have a wide range of rainwater harvesting options, which include underground tanks, the Ifore system and garden collection butts. Contact our Lewes branch for more information.

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