Reduce energy bills by using eco-friendly products

With utility costs appearing to be constantly rising, running a amily home can be an expensive job.  Therefore, being able to tighten the purse strings and reduce outgoings is something that many of us would welcome, which is why Chandlers has put together its top 5 simple tips on how to make a saving of up to £450 a year on bills by using eco-friendly products.

Top tip 1 - Fix draughts

One of the easiest ways to help conserve energy and maintain a comfortable temperature in the home is by draught-proofing, which can save around £40 a year on bills.  A home will lose heat through any gaps around windows, doors, skirting boards and chimneys so fixing these will ensure heat is kept inside.  

This is something that you can easily do by fitting draught excluders to the bottoms of doors and draught excluding tape round all windows.  There are also special excluders that can be placed in chimneys to stop heat disappearing up the flue when it's not in use.                                                                

 Top tip 2 - Change to LED lightbulbs

Changing to LED lightbulbs, which are even better for the environment than traditional energy saving bulbs, could save an average family up to £70 each year and it is one of the simplest eco-friendly product changes to make. That figure can be increased by ensuring lights are switched off in rooms that aren't being used. 

Top tip 3 - Replace a shower head

If you have a shower that takes hot water direct from a boiler, it's a good idea to replace the shower head with an energy efficient alternative.  This can make one of the biggest monetary savings as the benefits to the homeowner are twofold.  Firstly, the new eco-friendly product reduces water consumption by restricting the volume of water that flows through it, thus meaning that, secondly, less energy is needed to heat the water.  

These shower heads can reduce the amount of water used by up to half and could save an average family a combined £200 a year on their water and heating bills. 

Top tip 4 - Make sure a home is insulated

Heat rises, which is why it is essential to insulate any empty space at the top of a house in order to ensure the heat is kept inside and does not escape through the roof.  There are a number of different eco-friendly products on the market from traditional fibreglass to polystyrene.  Ensuring a home is well insulated could save up to £100 a year on heating bills.

Top tip 5 - Turn off the red light

And finally a tip that doesn't need any monetary outlay and is something that everyone can do! Most people go to bed or leave the house with their televisions, game consoles and DVD players on standby, but turning these off at the plug socket could mean an electricity saving of up to £40 a year. 

Chandlers has a diverse range of eco-friendly products

At Chandlers we are keen to highlight the benefits of using eco-friendly products and have a diverse range from rainwater harvesting solutions and insulation to energy saving shower heads and green roof systems. 

Our teams are happy to give advice, so pop into your nearest Chandlers branch or give us a call.


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