Roofing material options explained

Gone are the days of building a home when the only roofing material options were different types of tiles.  Now there is a wide range of possibilities on the market ranging from environmentally friendly green roofs, right through to traditional slate.  

At Chandlers we have a long history of being a successful supplier of quality roofing materials, so here we have put together our guide to the most popular options. 

Roof tiles

Whilst there is a large number of alternatives on the market, roof tiles are still a highly popular choice as this roofing material can be manufactured in a diverse range of colours to help match the roof with the rest of the exterior shades.   Tiled roofs are also simple and quick for trained professionals to install and, when maintenance and installation is taken into account, they are one of the more budget friendly options. 

Flat roofs

Despite the name, this roofing material is not actually completely flat, as it will be raised by a couple of degrees to ensure rainwater can drain. Flat roofs of the past did have a reputation for being high maintenance and not particularly watertight, however, with technical advancements they are once again growing in popularity.  

With brands leaders, such as Iko and Icopal producing high quality traditional bitumen and torch-on felts, flat roofs now deserve to be considered, particularly for smaller constructions such as extensions, garages and porches.

Cedar shingles

One of the main advantages of choosing cedar shingles is the way that it naturally ages into a beautiful grey tone.  As cedar is a long lasting wood and, when cut into tiles, is extremely durable against bad weather, it is a great roofing material option. It also provides a natural insulation and is highly energy-efficient.

Green roofs

A 'green roof' is one which is completely or partially covered with vegetation, such a grass, laid over a waterproof membrane.  As it has enhanced sustainability it has become a popular choice with architects as not only is this roofing material eco-friendly, it also provides energy-saving options and is aesthetically pleasing. 

This type of roof falls into two categories:

o    Extensive – Intended as a decorative, ecological feature and not as a recreational space. For this reason, it tends to have a shallower substrate and plant choices might be restricted to grasses, wildflowers and mosses. 

o    Intensive – These roofs are designed to also be used as recreational spaces and often involve features which are part of a traditional garden set-up, for example, paving, water features, shrubs and trees. These multi-layered systems require regular maintenance and irrigation but the choice of planting is far broader compared to extensive solutions.

Leading roofing material brands available at Chandlers 

As well as stocking Iko and Icopal flat roofing products, Chandlers is also proud to supply other roofing material products from brand leaders, such as tiles from Marley Eternit, Redland Sandtoft and Russell; John Brash tile batten and cedar shingles, and roof windows from Velux and Dakea. 

As well as roofing materials being available in all our branches, we also have specialist roofing supplies depots in Halesowen, Wolverhampton, Coventry, London Scrubs Lane and Rainham. 

Our teams are happy to give advice, so pop into your nearest Chandlers branch or give us a call.


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