Pitch perfect – roofing materials to top off a build 

Reaching the roofing stage of a build is an exciting milestone as it marks a project is (hopefully) close to completion and, when it comes to topping off a scheme, there are many roofing materials available to builders, developers and architects.
In this article, we discuss some of the different types of roofing materials available – from the traditional to the more modern. 
Roof tiles
Primarily used for pitched roofs, perhaps the most popular type of roof for new builds, tiles are traditionally made from terracotta or slate, but concrete and plastic options are available.  Laid in an overlapping formation, which makes them effective for keeping out rain, ridges and hips can be used to add a decorative finish and make a client's project stand out. 

In addition to supplying the tiles, the fixings and accessories needed to complete a job, such as fascias, breather membranes, underlay, insulation and ventilation are also available from Chandlers.
Similar to tiles in the way they are laid in overlapping rows, shingles come in a huge variety of materials, including wood, slate, asphalt, cement, metal and plastic. 
Depending on the chosen material, there is a cost benefit to using shingles as they don't require specialised accessories for roof edges. They are also quick to install, so are a good option if a project has a short turnaround.  
Due to the variety of colour and texture available, they can be used to create eye-catching and original roof styles that are aesthetically pleasing, which can appeal to a client. 
Flat roofs
With improvements in traditional flat roofing materials - torch-on felt and bitumen - and the addition of materials such as rubber, vinyl and fibreglass to the market, flat roofs no longer have the reputation for ponding and leaking so should be considered, particularly for single storey extensions.
Green roofs are also becoming more popular with developers and architects as they recognise the economic and environmentally friendly benefits they have. Read more about the benefits of green roofs here
Roof windows
The demand for new homes continues to rise and with a finite number of plots available to build on, many developers are taking advantage of the space in a roof to create extra rooms in the eaves.
When it comes to attic conversions, windows, roof domes and sun tubes are popular choices of roofing material, allowing natural light to flood in to what is normally seen as a dingy and dark area of the house. 
A wide range of building materials under one roof
Whether a builder's project requires a few replacement shingles, a roof's worth of tiles or a set of windows, our staff can help, or offer advice on suitable alternatives to a brief.
We stock a wide range of tiles, shingles and roof glazing as well as traditional bitumen and torch-on felts from leading brands renowned for their quality, such as Marley Eternit, Redland, Standtoft, Russell, Iko, Icopal, Dakea and Velux.
Builders, architects and developers can speak to one of our team about their requirements.  Click here to see our branch contact details.
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