Why change to using LED for your site lights?

LED is fast becoming the preferred choice because of the benefits it can deliver when compared to the standard fluorescent site lighting. LED Site Lighting can give you the following benefits:

  • Savings on energy costs
  • Reduction in power consumption
  • More eco friendly
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduction in hazardous waste on site
  • Improvements lighting uniformity
  • More resilient in a tough environment

LED is by far the most energy efficient, the cleanest and most eco-friendly way of lighting available today. Much of the benefits arise because 'digital' light has a much longer life as the elements don't really burn out or stop working like standard light fittings. They are also much more energy efficient converting significantly more energy into light than older fittings. A standard light bulb burns at 20% efficiency compared to 80% efficiency of an LED.

In addition LED lights are much more eco friendly are free of toxic chemicals. Most conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs contain a multitude of materials like e.g. mercury that are dangerous for the environment. LED lights produces little infrared light and close to no UV emissions.

LED lighting is also much more robust than its fluorescent counterparts; LEDs are built with sturdy components. They are also much better at operating in cold or low temperature outdoor locations so an excellent choice for site lighting.

LED lights contain no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable, and will help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are convinced by the multiple benefits of LED site lighting why not take a look in your local Chandlers branch.

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