Top 5 DIY jobs

There are definitely DIY jobs where we would highly recommend calling in an expert, but if you are confident and want the satisfaction of knowing that you 'did it yourself', the below are relatively simple tasks that even those with basic skills can undertake.


Whilst it's not essential to continually redecorate your home, it is a good idea to give rooms a spruce up every five years.  It can be a messy DIY job, so make sure you protect areas that you really don't want to get paint on with dust sheets.  Use a matt or silk paint on the walls and ceilings, then gloss or satin paint on woodwork, such as door frames and skirting boards.

Draught protection

This is especially important at this time of year to stop cold air coming into the home and, more importantly, warm air getting out.  

Putting up shelves

For this DIY job, the most important thing to remember is to make sure they are level, so a spirit level is an essential piece of kit.  If you are competent with an electric drill, then there is no reason why you will need to call in someone to take on this simple task. 

Fix a leaky tap

As the majority of leaks are caused by a damaged washer, fixing a leaky tap is a DIY job that doesn't require a plumber.  Firstly, make sure you turn off your water supply and then turn on the tap to drain any excess water. It's then a case of simply removing the tap handle and cover until you can see the washer. Replace the washer, then put the tap back together again.  

When not to do it yourself

There are some DIY jobs you are legally required to call in an expert to complete, so if you are unsure it's best to check first.  These include:

Electrical work
You can replace sockets, add a lighting point to an existing circuit and replacing a light fitting yourself, but you will need a qualified electrician if you want to rewire your home, install underfloor heating or replace a fuse board.

Gas work
Similarly, you can change a gas cooker control knob, but you can't do anything that will alter your supply of gas. 
Get help from Chandlers for all your DIY jobs

The teams at all our branches are happy to give advice about the materials and supplies you need to complete simple DIY jobs.  You can find your nearest branch here

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