5 of this Season's Top Landscaping & Paving Trends

We may not change our garden paving as often as redecorating internally but with spring underway increasingly homeowners are looking out of the window, looking to update their patios and paths. Despite a desire to differentiate, generally people will make reference to what's fashionable or currently stylish. Not only are home owners looking to reflect their own landscaping style but there is thought to how others will view their (crazy?) paving when its time to sell. Will their investment in landscaping add value and kerb appeal?

Hence what's hot and what's not applies to the humble driveway and patio too, so we are sharing 5 of this season's top landscaping trends.

  1. The Natural Look

There is a growing interest in natural paving materials and a more organic rather than precise look, the garden equivalent to being effortlessly stylish I guess.

So less of the ultra- modern and a growing use of more natural materials such as stone or wood. Colourwise this is reflected in a shift from grey tones in landscaping materials towards more buff or beige tones that blend in.

These gardens incorporate softer lines and a more blended colour palette such as that in the popular Indian sandstones.

  1. Locally Sourced

This doesn't mean pinched from the local beach or forest but shows leanings towards regional paving specialities. Using locally sourced materials means garden landscaping will blend in with the natural look and feel of the local environment. This might mean choosing plants and materials local to the area which reflect the building type e.g. flint in Sussex. This trend supports a more sustainable garden landscaping style with materials usually being available from local suppliers.

  1. Outdoor Rooms

The trend towards seeing the outside as an additional room continues but is becoming more sophisticated with the quality of paving materials being key when landscaping. Improving outside relaxation or entertaining space has been happening for a while but the new trend is being helped by better products. 

Undoubtedly the vogue for investing in outdoor space is part of the desire to renovate rather than relocate. This has shown itself in the growing interest in high end paving stones e.g. porcelain paving which has not only a fantastic look but vastly improved durability and practical properties.

Manufacturers are taking note and developing products suitable for outside use improving the ability to take the inside outside and vice versa. With this paving and the use of sliding doors the internal flooring can seamlessly be taken through to the outside entertaining area.


4. Blending the Old and New

Choosing one style and sticking only to that is old hat apparently; a growing confidence in the use of design in the home is giving home owners the confidence to elegantly blend old and new styles in an eclectic way outside too. Mixing old and new has been happening with interiors and architecture for a while but it is due to extend to garden landscaping. It's not an easy landscaping style to pull off as getting the right blend of modern or traditional in a compelling way requires balance. Paving can be a key element of achieving this mix well, such as putting a modern driveway in a traditional garden or incorporating bold, traditional paving in a modern garden.

  1. Reduction of lawn

Lawns had their heyday when people had time to manicure and maintain them endlessly. Today unless you employ a gardener, lawns are something of a chore and are cursed by ongoing maintenance costs. Homeowners still like the look of a lawn and the trend here is towards replacing costly lawns with synthetic turf or reducing the size of lawn and replacing grass with hard landscaping. With the increasing number of cars lawns are also being sacrificed to create parking areas and with the need to remain SUDS conscious there is a growing trend towards permeable products.

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