When it comes to landscaping jobs, winter can keep you just as busy as summer

With winter setting in it's a natural assumption that the landscaping jobs we were hoping to get done during the summer should be put off until the arrival of spring. However, there are a range of general maintenance tasks that shouldn't be delayed. Winter serves as a good time to take stock, maintain equipment and tackle some of the refurbishments whilst the plants need less attention.
The obvious limitations such as less daylight hours and the weather are factors to consider but if you plan carefully, and as long as there isn't frost on the ground, there is no need to overlook these tasks. The season also brings its own landscaping challenges. As temperatures drop and conditions become wetter and stormier, common problems such as damage to trees and fences need attention.
Time to clear up 
The biggest issue is dealing with the aftermath of autumn. If dirt and debris is allowed to build-up on areas such as patios, particularly over winter, then the surface will become prone to weeds and algae. Not only does this become hazardous, turning the patio into a skating rink, but it's also likely to destroy the joints between the slabs. It's important to remove dead leaves and weeds regularly throughout winter with a stiff brush, so the job doesn't become too big by spring. If gaps appear between the paving slabs, ensure they are refilled with sand or mortar mix so the weeds can't take hold. This is an excellent time to replace broken or loose slabs, and your local builders merchant will stock a range of landscaping items such as limestone and concrete paving slabs to complete the task.
The lawn also needs to be cleared of leaves to ensure healthy growth, as rubbish on top of the grass will starve it of light and cause it to die-off. Debris can easily be raked off and turned into mulch. Check guttering to ensure these are clear and to prevent bigger problems, and replace broken pipes that may have succumbed to winter storms.
Repairing the damage
With winter's relentless wind and rain, at some point most of us will wake up to the sight of next door's garden on full display, and a broken or missing fence. Quick repairs are often only a temporary solution and can't substitute solid construction and good materials. Concreted posts, metal T-braces and rot-resistant lumber help prevent more work in the future. Treat new wood with a preservative to help it withstand nature's force.
Be prepared!
Understanding the risks that bad weather poses on your house and garden is important and preparing in advance may prevent landscaping damage further down the line. If your house is located in a potential flood area, having sand bags available may offer peace of mind this winter and could potentially save your property. Equally, having bags of grit ready, should the weather turn icy, will stop your driveway and decking becoming perilous.
Time for a makeover?
If the damage repairs and maintenance aren't too big an issue, then now could be the perfect time to concentrate on a garden makeover. From constructing new walls to digging out a pond, simply wrap up warm and think local. Across our branches, we stock over 20,000 individual product lines, so whatever your landscaping tasks this winter, we'll have the equipment and supplies you need. Our staff are also happy to help with any landscaping issues you may have. Find your local branch here
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