Biorock - Waste Water Treatment

Nature does the work, in traditional mechanical systems, aerators and/or agitators pump air 12-24 hours per day to provide enough oxygen, so that a limited range of aquatic organisms can survive to break down the waste. The BIOROCK® units work without any electrical or mechanical aerators. It only needs a natural draft to keep the water that has been treated aerated. Silently and continuously, up to a million complex organisms consumes the waste. In a mechanical system, machinery works hard. In the BIOROCK® units, nature does its work.

Cottam & Preedy - Flow Regulators

Fitting a Wondervalve instead of an ordinary isolation valve can save you money on the simple things people do every day; brushing your teeth, doing the dishes and taking a shower.

ecoBETA - Retro Fit Dual Flush Devices

ecoBETA's award-winning proprietary solutions are capable of reducing WC water usage by up to 50% across all commercially available cistern flushing systems currently installed worldwide.

Eco Coverage Technologies - The SMART AirBrick®

Automatic Airbrick flood protection device - the innovative patented design acts essentially as a standard airbrick allowing unrestricted airflow underneath the property, yet under flood conditions uses the rising water to automatically shut off, inhibiting access through the airbricks and therefore preventing flooding underneath the property.  Unlike sand bags and covers no flood warning or pre-flood intervention is required.

SMART AirBrick

European Water Label 

The Water Label clearly shows the volume of water that a water using product (i.e. toilet, bath and shower) will consume if installed correctly and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Including litres per minute, coloured performance bands and actual capacity/performance.

Graf UK - Rainwater Harvesting                                                 

Save drinking water - this is the slogan in times of ever increasing water prices. Rainwater harvesting systems from GRAF are solutions with which you can reduce your drinking water consumption by up to at least 50%. Thanks to up-to-date technology and complete systems, which meet all your needs in terms of convenience and reliability.

Download Graf Rainwater Harvesting Fact Sheet

IFORE - Rainwater Harvesting

The IFORE rainwater harvesting system can be retro fitted into an existing or designed into a new property to collect water via a roof collection system and water storage in the loft. The harvested water can then be used to flush toilets.

Download IFORE Rainwater Harvesting Fact Sheet

Modern Designs For Modern Living (MD4ML) - Water Efficient Bathrooms

A range of contemporary bathrooms that not only complies with current water efficiency building regulations and the water elements in the Code for Sustainable Homes, but also delivers exceptional performance and style.

Download MD4ML Brochure

Pulse Eco Shower - Performance Shower Heads

Pulse Eco Showers incorporate a unique design that enhances performance of water output while reducing water consumption by 40-60%. This means you can reduce domestic energy bills without sacrificing the convenience or pleasure of a sensational shower.

Download EcoPulse Shower Head Fact Sheet

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